Hawker Chan
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Hawker Chan

Hawker Chan is the first hawker stall to revieve a Michelin Star. His original stall is still serving up hundreds of plates everyday of his famous soya chicken in Singapore. Chef Chan has been expanding all over the world with their first Australian store opening up in Melbourne’s bustling CBD on Lonsdale street.

What we did:

  • Pre Launch Strategy
  • Digital Account Setup
  • Social Media Management

  • Community Management
  • Photography & Graphic Design
  • Website Design

  • Grand Opening Launch Event
  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising
  • Content Marketing


The Hawker Chan team contacted us 4 months beofre launching. We learnt about their business, got to know their branding and decided on some key marketing objectives that we wanted to hit in the coming months to ensure the Melbourne community would hear Hawker Chan before they opened their doors.

Account Set Up

Since Hawker Chan didn’t have an Australian presence, we created all their digital assets from ground up. We took the tedious tasks of settting up social media and online listings such as Google My Business and made sure all assets has consistent information and were presented professionally.

Website & Graphic Design

As we were starting Hawker Chan’s marketing months before they opened, we wanted to drive traffic to a platform where they could learn more about Hawker Chan and his food. We whipped up a website & design with a fast turn-around and funneled traffic to their site if people were interested to know more.

Social Media Management

Our speciality resides in social media management, we created a content plan for Hawker Chan’s social media, engaged with the large foodie community on Instagram and grew their following from 0 to 3600+ before they opened.

Grand Opening Launch

As the opening drew near we advertised the launch, had a countdown on social media and updated people about the launch

Photography & Graphic Design

Our photography team came down to shoot the media event, grand opening as well as generating ongoing content for social media. Our designers created any graphics necessary, ranging from signs, posters, menu alteration and photo editing.

PR Coordination

As the opening drew near we worked with Hawker Chan’s chosen PR agency to coordinate the launch. We attended media & blogger events, utilised media pieces and influencer marketing to generate huge buzz for the grand opening.

Community Management

On-going we managed comments, questions, reviews, on social media well as Google My Business and Zomato – ensuring people’s questions were answered promptly, creating exceptional customer experience.

Content Marketing

Alternate Studios strategically used media pieces as content marketing to drive awareness and increase social proof of Hawker Chan. By creating complelling copy, readers were highly interested to try the establishment and generated many social shares and interactions.

Digital Ads (Facebook & Instagram)

Using Facebook & Instagram ads, we exponentially increased Hawker Chan’s awareness and built an engaged community. We promoted content to targeted audiences that would most likely be interested in Hawker Chan.


What We Do: A Snapshot Of Our Services



Feeling a little lost in the digital world? We get it. It can be hard and daunting to keep up with this ever-changing landscape. Alternate Studios can learn about your business & collaboratively develop a tailored strategy that will address your goals. Whether that's increasing sales, getting a better web presence or refining your branding, we can help!

PPC (Google Adwords)

PPC (Google Adwords)

Need a little help appearing on Google search? Want more leads or calls for your services? Alternate Studios can help you rank higher that your competitors and get you more awareness and business.

Photography & Videography

Photography & Videography

Want to showcase your products & services epically? We can help you get professional photos and videos that will help your business stand out in the crowd and showcase your brand beautifully.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

With so many businesses and brands on Facebook and Instagram, your content (regardless of how relevant it is) will only get widespread awareness and engagement if you invest some money into advertising. With social advertising we can now serve highly targeted ads and content to the right audience, measure data and optimize to get you the best possible ROI.

Influencer Marketing

Need a little PR and good word of mouth for your brand? Thinking about doing blogger outreach? Influencer marketing is the strategy for you! Alternate Studios can develop an influencer marketing strategy that will engage the right talent and engage your target customer.

Content Creation
Content Creation

Need to update your website content, write blogs, produce imagery for your social media and more? Alternate Studios is here to help! We also collaborate with top designers, photographers and videographers and can assist in managing any creative project you might have.

Email Marketing

Starting to generate an email list but unsure how to amplify this growth or to turn your subscribers into customers? Look no further! Alternate Studios is trained in the art of email marketing! From growing email lists to getting conversions Alternate Studios can help you out!

Social Media Management

Understand the importance of social media but you're time poor? Need someone to manage your content, engagement and presence? Alternate Studios can manage your social media accounts so that your digital presence is strategic and consistent.


Set yourself up to be an authority in your industry, improve your SEO and get more leads for your business. Content marketing is now a well known digital marketing strategy that works time and time again. Let Alternate Studios manage your content marketing strategy.

Branding & Identity


Are you confused about your branding, tone of voice or even what fonts or colours to use? Alternate Studios can help you redefine your branding and create a branding guideline so that everyone, including your web developer, visual merchandiser, marketer, graphic design are on the same page as you.

Graphic Design

Need logos, banners, email marketing design, posters or any other advertising imagery? Look no further! Trained in design, Alternate Studios can create stunning creatives that are on-brand and tailored to your needs.


Is your brand lacking imagery or style? Alternate Studios offers illustration & typography to suit any creative project. We know the all the latest illustrators and artists in town and we'll make sure you get the best creatives for your project.

Digital Presence Audit


Unsure about how your digital presence is going online? Not sure what you're doing right & what you can improve on? Call in for a digital health check from the Alternate Studios Digital Doctors and we will asses your situation and suggest a suitable remedy!

Account Set Up

Are you a new business, start-up or just new to social media? We can handle setting up your digital presence online so that you can focus on other parts of your business!

Digital Marketing Training

Don't understand digital but you want to learn? Interested in analytics but can't get your head around it? Alternate Studios can teach you skills you can use to run your own digital marketing campaigns.


"Alternate Studios delivered us a custom strategy tailored to our goals and grew our brand awareness substantially. Highly recommended for social media marketing." - Kate from ALFA ALFA

"Loved working with Alternative Studios - you ask, they deliver! Will definitely pursue more projects in the future with Alternate Studios!" - Lisa from VCE Study Guides

"Alternate Studios took the time to understand my brand and my objectives. I was very impressed with their creativity and ability to think outside the box. Many agencies talk the talk but don't walk the walk - Alternate Studios are an exception. Highly recommend." - Dr Shawn Rama from The Dental Room



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