Interview with creatives: Luke Lucas
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Interview with creatives: Luke Lucas

Name + any nicknames?
My name is  Luke Lucas. I’m not sure that I’ve had any nicknames that have stuck but I’ve been called Double L from time to time.

Describe yourself and what you do:
I’m an Australian man living with my family on the northern beaches of Sydney. I do lots of things but for the most part I craft concept driven bespoke lettering for all kinds of purposes and for all kinds folks. Every day is different.

How did you get into typography?
Through magazine design. I typically worked from the type outwards with all of my layouts and as that evolved and I gained more confidence and skills I began to design my own typefaces and also begun experimenting with illustrative techniques within my lettering.

Where do you get your inspirations from? What inspires you & how does that affect your creations?
I don’t really know how to answer that one. There’s not really a singular source of inspiration and it’s not really something that I’ve ever sought. The design problem to be solved is generally enough of an inspiration. I just look at the brief or what it is that I’m trying to communicate and to who, sit at my desk and let the creative process evolve from there.

What or which part of the creative process do you find the most exciting?
I love it all really. My least favourite aspect of what I do is the administrative stuff but everything else is amazing. I feel very fortunate to be able to spend the majority of my time doing what I love to do.

What’s in your toolbox?
Anything and everything.

Your current interests outside of typography:
Since I’ve been a dad I don’t have as much time as I used to to pursue interests as parenting tends to consume a lot of my time outside of my work hours. I love the ocean and if the conditions permit, I try and surf as often as I can. I’m a big fan of live music too so try and get to as many gigs as is possible too. Can food be an interest?

What’s your next project or something you’re curious to try?
Most of the stuff I work on is commercial so I can’t really be too specific. Today I’m working on some cover artwork for a couple of different magazines, some branding for a music festival and a logo for a series of children books.

Favourite creatives?
The Illustrator Jim Phillips would have to be right up there. As would Herb Lubalin.

Advice to someone who’s starting out in illustration?
I think if you’re considering starting out as a freelance creative and are living out of home I’d say make sure you save a little money saved before you take the plunge. It can take some time to get a regular flow of income as a freelancer and it’s not uncommon to wait for up to 90 days to be paid for your time which can make cash flow a little tricky manage in the early days. Maybe save enough to live on for around 3 months as a back up before you start. I’d also say that it’s a style of working that’s not for everyone. Some people love not knowing what job they’ll be working on next week and take inspiration from that lack of monotony. But some find this uncertainty and the uncertainty of whether you’ll be working next a week a little too challenging. I love it though.

Quick 4!
Currently reading: M Train by Patti Smith
Currently watching: I’ve really been enjoying Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix
Currently listening to: Tornado Wallace
Current favourite quote: I’m not really a quote guy. You can quote me on that.

Where can we find you:

Instagram: @luke_lucas

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