Interview with creatives: Neryl Walker
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Interview with creatives: Neryl Walker

Name + any nicknames?
Neryl Walker, Nez

Describe yourself and what you do:
I’m an Australian artist and illustrator who loves to draw women.

How did you get into illustration?
I studied a Bachelor of Arts (Design) and minored in illustration. I graduated in a recession so full time work was scarce. My first paid freelance jobs were illustration based which I really enjoyed. I put together an illustration folio and set out to pursue it full time.

Where do you get your inspirations from? What inspires you & how does that affect your creations?
I love things from the past, things that have a history. Our house (shared with my husband and daughter) is full of inspiration. Holiday mementoes, flea market finds, vintage ephemera, mid century design, vintage books, records, toys and girlie magazines. Let’s just say we are not minimalists. Music is also a great inspiration..

What or which part of the creative process do you find the most exciting?
When you finally crack a good idea or the first brushstrokes on a blank canvas.

Favourite subject to draw?
Women of course!

Whats in your toolbox?
2B pencil, paper, eraser, acrylic paints, brushes, lightbox, Wacom tablet.

Your current interests outside of illustration:
Travel, watching my daughter create artwork, live music (I play guitar in a band), art galleries, op shops and flea markets.

What’s your next project or something you’re curious to try?
I’m keen to dive into some personal paintings this year. I’d love to collaborate on a bar/restaurant interior, design a homewares line or a set of Neryl pin-up cards.

Favourite creatives?
Mid century art and design floats my boat so I love artists and designers from the past like Rene Gruau, Bernard Villemot, Alexander Girard, Charles and Rae Eames, Marimekko, Lucienne Day and Florence Broadhurst.  I also love Pop Art, Rauschenberg and Oldenberg and Australian assemblage artist Rosalie Gascoigne.

Advice to someone who’s starting out in illustration?
Develop your own style and be persistent.

Quick 5!
Currently reading: Dark Stuff by Nick Kent
Currently watching: Not much
Currently listening to: Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds
Current favourite quote:“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” Katharine Hepburn
Any Last Words?

Where can we find you:

Instagram: @nerylwalker

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