Interview with creatives: Hayley O’connor
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Interview with creatives: Hayley O’connor

Name + any nicknames?
Hayley O’Connor , Hayley O

Describe yourself and what you do:
I’m an Illustrator & Graphic Designer from Melbourne currently living on Gold Coast.
I specialise in fashion illustration, portraiture, t-shirt graphics & patterns. I use pencil, pen & water colour and I draw inspiration from women in fashion, textiles, tattoos & nature.

How did you get into illustration?
I was studying graphic design and a friend in my class showed me these amazing fashion illustrators work online and I think I was hooked from that point and had do that kind of design from then on.

Where do you get your inspirations from? What inspires you & how does that affect your creations?
I love mixing fashion and fantasy. So sometimes it’ll be a runway photo that inspires me or something mythical like a mermaid. I think living where I live has a massive influence on my work. Living in the tropics now my work defiantly takes on the vibe of summer & the sea.

What or which part of the creative process do you find the most exciting?
I think when I wake up and I’ve got an idea and I have to start creating it straight away.

Favourite subject to draw?
Mermaids. I’ve loved them since I was a kid but I like giving them an edgy fashion twist now instead of the standard idea of what it could be.

What’s in your toolbox?
Pencils, Water colours, markers, iPad pen

What’s your next project or something you’re curious to try?
I have a few exhibitions I’ll be apart of this year so I’m excited to create something bigger and better. I’m dying to create a mural one day.

Your current interests outside of illustrating:
I’m always at the beach on weekends and I like to surf every now and then.

Favourite creatives?
James Jirat, We buy your kids, Stevie Gee

Advice to someone who’s starting out in illustration?
Just start putting your work out there. You’re style will develop in time but its more important for people to see your work even if you don’t think it’s perfect yet.

Quick 4!
Currently reading: Slash’s autobiography
Currently watching: The Mindy Project
Currently listening to: Anderson Park
Current favourite quote: Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Where can we find you:

Instagram: @hayley_o_creative
Facebook: Hayleyocreative

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