Interview with creatives: Audrey from Find Auna
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Interview with creatives: Audrey from Find Auna

Name + any nicknames?
Audrey. My nicknames include (but re not limited to): Audz, Aubergine (yes there are friends who call me an eggplant hahaha.) Some people have started to call me Auna which funnily enough always takes me by surprise!

Describe yourself and what you do:
I like to describe myself as someone who is incredibly positive in life. I’d like to think that my personality brings color to my all black wardrobe. What I do? I am an illustrator, exhibiting artist, content curator, photo enthusiast and all round creative with a side affair in UX

How did you get into illustration?
It was my stress relief when I studied, and something that I fell in love with. I can’t stop moving my hands. If there wasn’t a pen/pencil/brush in it, I’d be fidgeting all the time. As for when I started illustrating? When I decided to graffiti outside my Kindergarten classroom with a giant piece of chalk. Since then I knew I was going to be badass, I mean, an artist.

Where do you get your inspirations from? What inspires you & how does that affect your creations?
People and nature is my biggest influence. I always find it interesting how we “fit” in our environment. As we move, air moves around us, as we swim, the water swallows us. I also feel that have a certain flow within us as well so I like to draw inspiration from how we interact with our surroundings.

What or which part of the creative process do you find the most exciting?
The moment of inspiration. It’s when I realize that I’ve been drawing for 4 hours straight and realize that I’ve created something. Or when I take a picture of a landscape, I get inspired to draw something or someone living in that moment I captured. Or I might go for a walk and something just stirs in my heart and I feel excited enough to put pen to paper.

Favourite subject to draw?
Girls and natural-flowing patterns. If I left my mind blank though, I tend to draw eyes a lot.

Your current interests outside of illustration:
Rock climbing!! Haha it’s something so different from my illustrations: hard, rough from my fluid lines. But there’s this connection to nature that I can never tear myself away from.

What’s your next project or something you’re curious to try?
I’m in talks of doing some mural work for local cafes! I’d also like to experiment more with colours, textures and patterns. Because of my Indonesian background, I’ve been surrounded by rich textures and patterns so I love seeing them. I’ll be going to Japan in April so who knows what I’ll be inspired by!

Favourite creatives?
There are way too many to list! Some that pop up immediately be James Jean (@jamesjean) for his deliciously fluid paintings and murals, Henrik Uldalen (@henrikaau) for his beautiful oil portraiture, Sainer (@sainer_etam) for his larger-than -life illustrations and murals, Charli Burrowes (@Meohmygirl) for her photography styling, Sean Charmatz for his playful and whimsical nature of his photo-illustrations.I follow plenty of concept artists from different animation as well! If anyone wants recommendations, hit me up!

Advice to someone who’s starting out in illustration?
Don’t stop. We are at an age where resources are so easily available, from YouTube tutorials, free live drawing classes (check out your local city and you’d be surprised) to art blogs. I would say putting the effort to understand art disciplines (like colour theory, drawing people, etc) helps with having a foundation that you can later explore and experiment with as well! Don’t feel deterred by people you may think that are already “there”: they’ve had to go through years and years of training, self-discipline and passion. It’s your hard work that will bear the sweetest fruit.

Quick 5!
Currently reading: Haruki Murakami “After Dark”
Currently watching: Abstract: The Art of Design 
Currently listening to: The XX new album, “I See You” and Moana Soundtrack!
Current favourite quote:“I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.” -Vincent Van Gogh (is actually one of my all time fav quotes)
Any last words: Find beauty and interest in the smallest of things. They’re the ones that might inspire you the most. 

Where can we find you:

Instagram: @find_auna
Facebook: FindAuna

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